This is a website for the Courant class Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Economics.

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Welcome to our website

Here, we will post some useful example code and notes. It is not required for you to work with this code, but it may be helpful for getting started. The instructors are Charlie Peskin and Charles Puelz. This class is associated with the Modeling and Simulation RTG grant here at Courant.


-building some structures: simple_structure_2d.m, simple_structure_3d.m

-building a bicycle: bicycle.m

-2d forward Euler example with a chain of springs: spring_string.m

-2d bouncing ball: bouncing_ball.m. Try varying the spring and dashpot parameters to see how this impacts the dynamics. Be careful, the set of parameters in this file are close to being unstable with forward Euler :-).

-rigid bodies: rigid_body.m

-falling cone: falling_cone.m


Here is a link to some notes that will be regularly updated. These are still a work in progress.

Here are some of Charlie’s hand written notes:

-Mass action

-Principle of detailed balance

-Equations of motion for a gyrocompass

-Enzyme kinetics

-Paper on cellular circadian rhythm

-A genetic switch

-Hemoglobin and an old paper about it.

-Traffic flow


Student projects

Here is a beautiful project from Zeshun Zong and Yifeng Chen and gyroscopes and their applications. You can find their code in this repo.

A project on 1D blood flow by Murphy Pan


Proposals for the first project will be due Friday, October 12, by email at 11:59pm. Writeups for the first project will be due Friday, November 9, by email at 11:59pm. We will strive to have your presentations before you turn in your writeups, so you can incorporate any comments you may receive during your presentation.

Proposals for the second project will be due Friday, November 2, by email at 11:59pm. Presentations and writeups for the second project should be done by the end of the exam period.